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Coming 16/06/2023

Turnin' It Up

ft. tessa balaz

with petr balaz on guitar

ancestors / april 16, 2021

“Ancestors” is an album that’s inspired by my maternal grandmother, and the ongoing impacts of colonization on my family, both living and ancestrally.

It asks my grandmother “Did you keep it [your Indigenous identity] from your children so they’d have a better life?”.

It asks settlers and colonizers “If I did to you as you’ve done to me...Would you ever believe me when I say I’m sorry?”

It acknowledges the circle of time, and how we will make different choices.

It burns with anger over the generosity given to the ashes of genocidal institutions while thoughts and prayers are offered to appease our generational pain.

It makes a promise to seek out all the names that they tried so hard to take - those names were never theirs to change.

It reminds us to keep holding on to those deep roots - one day we’ll be ancestors too. Even when you can’t feel it, baby, know that they’re a part of you.

Don’t you know you’re that you’re sacred, baby? Don’t you know our ancestors are holding you?

Listen and buy “Ancestors” here

doubt it / feb 12, 2021

“Doubt It” is a song about relationships, from person to person and even Nation to Nation. It’s about believing that you’re on the same page, and wanting to have trust in your partner, but as time goes on their actions tell a different story: one of manipulation, violence, and deceit.

Listen and share “Doubt It” here


“Doubt It” is the second single from Juno Award-Winner G.R. Gritt’s debut full-length studio album, Ancestors. The track was released on all streaming platforms February 12, 2021 on Coax Records.


quiet years / nov 27, 2020

The first single, "Quiet Years", off of my first full-length studio album, Ancestors, is out! The “Quiet Years” are the collective years Indigenous people have had to secretly share and practice their knowledge and culture in order to survive. 


Listen and share “Quiet Years” here


The title “Quiet Years” is inspired by my time on Haida Gwaii. I was invited to perform at the Haida Heritage Centre at Ḵay Llnagaay, and I learned about the language and cultural revitalization happening in response to the "Silent Years". The Silent Years began with the smallpox epidemic, and continued with the potlatch ban, the criminalization of culture and language, and with the residential school system. The Haida had to secretly share and pass on culture and knowledge in order to survive. Indigenous peoples on this continent have experienced a parallel history with colonizers. We are still experiencing it. 


This song is about the Quiet Years my grandmother inherited and experienced. It’s about wondering about the impossible decisions she had to make, and if she would have been able to speak up after all those years. 

Listen and share “Quiet Years” here

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